Four Country Race 2010

September 18, 2010 Celeste departs for her route to the four countries, Germany, Poland, Denmark and Sweden. With start from Gothenburg Celeste sails south to Germany and Rügen and then to Poland. After Poland Celeste sails back north over the Baltic sea to Denmark and Copenhagen with Nyhavn. Up through Kattegat it will be a stop at the Laeso island and a visit to Skagen before Celeste reaches Gothenburg.

All persons aboard are crew members and takes part in navigation, steering and watch keeping etc.

If you want to sail on a 65 foot performance yacht in the Baltics - this is the route for you.

Route: Sweden - Germany - Poland - Denmark - Sweden

Period: 18 September - 26 September 2010

For information about forthcoming adventures with Celeste, please contact Sjösportskolan