North Atlantic Islands 2010 - Shetland, Faroes and Orkney 

July 24 2010, Celeste departs for her route to the North Atlantic Islands. Starting from Gothenburg Celeste sails to the Shetland Islands for a short stop and then to Torshavn at Faroes. The distance from Gothenburg to Torshavn is approx 650 nautical miles. After visiting Faroes Islands Celeste sails back over the Norwegian Sea to Orkney. At Orkney we prepare for the last route over the North sea. When we are approaching Sweden, it will be time for a visit to Skagen, Denmarks most northern village, before Celeste reaches Gothenburg.

All persons aboard are crew members and takes part in navigation, steering and watch keeping etc.

If you want to see the northern Islands of the Atlantic and like sailing in rough waters - this is the route for you.
Route: Sweden - Shetland - Faroes - Orkney - Denmark - Sweden

Period: 24 July - 8 August, 2010

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 For information about forthcoming adventures with Celeste, please contact Sjösportskolan